Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yahoo has pipes under the sink

So, you Linux freaks love pipes, don't you?!

The technology has always been there. But who had the great idea? Yahoo! seems to have it all. They published a lot of Javascript libraries for the past 2 (or so) years. He is paving the way with it's YUI. And, the next logical step was to put it to a good and novel use. The combined it with some pretty nifty AJAX and publish the whole thing.

It works much like an aggregator with more features. You can get all sorts of input in, union them in a big data source, pipe it through am array of filters and sorters, then, send it to the screen so that the user can enjoy it.

You should check out this giant's kitchen sink. He has all sorts of pipes under-there.
He can gather information from anywhere, funnel it through filters, sort it to it's hart's desire and then send it to the screen.
If you can't get the idea, go see some of the sample pipes that are being put together for your entertainment.



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