Monday, February 19, 2007

Why limit to just being "a better programmer"?

I was reading a post by Christopher Diggins stating that sharing your code in a public environment can and will lead (if you take note) to a development in you coding skills. » Blog Archive » Do you want to become a better programmer?:

"very few programmers have had the experience of putting their code out on display in a very public forum for others to publicly dissect and critique"

"Seeing your code through other people’s eyes can be a real wake-up call as well as a crash course in things you may never have realized you didn’t know!"

I'm sure that's true. But, the main thing that you have to take into consideration is: listen to what others have to say about your code.
While I haven't really "experimented" with this approach, I can say that I was hoping to have the time and (mostly) the guts to do it. Maybe the near future will hold some surprises for me and my "sharing endeavor".

But why stop at just being "a better programmer"? Maybe if I were to share my life experiences would make me better at .. well.. living.
Just a thought.



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