Sunday, April 6, 2008

OS Modularity

A 5 page ArsTechnica article poses a good question for all computer users around the spectrum: "Are modular operating systems the wave of the future?".

My 2 cents on it are: I think that this business model would be nice AND not so nice.

Nice for:
  1. the consumers that want certain features and don't want to pay for "all the extras they don't really need".
  2. MS because they would have a lot more revenue from each feature that they are billing for.
  3. MS because they would have a great research base they would use to determine which features are "more interesting" to users. And, maybe, based on this research, they would even adjust the prices to match the market.

Not so nice for:
  1. the businesses that want a lot of features and would
    have to pay for each and every one of them separately (whereas, now,
    they would pay for the lot).

  2. the systems administrators that would have to keep logs
    of everything that is installed within the enterprise realm.

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