Wednesday, March 5, 2008

From “nearly there” to “there” and beyond

Design is in the Details (from A List Apart) is a great article for aspiring designers.
Anyone who hopes to be a good or a sought after designer should pay much attention to the details.

But, I think that the statements above have much more meaning for the designers that work for companies that have a whole division of designers and where pitches for the clients are to be very carefully elaborated. These companies tend to have a very competitive design division, where designers have to work their butts off just to make it on a pitch. Most designers that wok for such companies have an acute sense of competitiveness and are indeed looking much more deeply at the details.
I wonder what kind of a personal life has such a designer. If one is to pay such kind of attention to the details, when is a design to be ready to go for a pitch? And, once a pitch is over, here comes another.. and another.. and another...



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