Thursday, May 10, 2007

RIP desktop

Here's an interesting (and very true) assumption:

to a user, the interface is the product

I would emphasise this affirmation for each and every project that I've worked on.

I might add the following (if it's not ever been said, which I don't believe):

  • If the user doesn't feel comfortable with the interface, he would not use the application.
  • If the user doesn't find what he's looking for with the help of just a few mouse clicks or keyboard entries, he would not use the application.

The application might do magic with the data provided by the user, but if the user can't manage to enter the information in a way that is both comfortable and easy to do, the application would have no data to do the magic with.

Providing input methods that are "user-centric" is a must nowadays. Why do you think that there's so much hype with AJAX, Flash (and Flex) and Rich Internet Applications? That's why. The users need to feel comfortable. Otherwise, it would be hard to get them to use (or buy) the software.

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