Thursday, March 1, 2007

Open Source rants

Polishing Ruby: burnout and the late night rant

Wow.. That's sad... But, come to think about it, I think he's absolutely right.

One of the best reason to "open-up your code" is being able to improve your coding skills by adopting what people have to say about your code in a constructive way.
But, if they "bitch about what's wrong"... it's a whole different ball-game.

If you're using it for free but it doesn't fit your needs, try to make improvements yourself or make demands in a way that doesn't seem like you are the boss.
The man (or team) that are releasing the code you're using are doing so for the fun of it, for the use of the community or to fill a spot that needs to be filled. So, please, for the love of god, be a part of the community around it, not just a part of the users that are complaining.

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