Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The worst IT worker in the world

This angry guy made up a list that any IT worker that "strives to be the worst in the field" should follow.

Talk in jargon - at times, you should talk using such words that anybody listening to you would be under the impression that they were left behind when "high tech class" was held.
Treat anyone who doesn’t understand your work as if they’re stupid - pretty much self explanatory
Focus solely on technology - nothing else matters. You should have no outside life. Or, at least, that's what the others would have to think about you.
Refuse to acknowledge when there’s an issue - you have no problem, the technology you are using has no problem, so, the problem must reside elsewhere.
Tell the boss’s brother his idea is stupid - hmm...
React aggressively to any perceived criticism - who are they to tell you that you're wrong?

I would add: Never trust a fellow teammate with something. In fact, never work on a team. If your boss tells you that you are to work on a team, do so for the facade, but, behind the scenes, do the best you can to not do so.



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