Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life changing information exchange

Leo Babauta of Lifehack has a very interesting view on how our lives changed since social networking came.
He is, oh so, right on that point.

But then social media came along, just within the last few years, and the
gates broke open.

Then again, when reading only the information that other deem as worthy the time it takes to read it, we are increasing our chanses of missing some information that really matters to us. One can see Digg as the main (or maybe, the sole) source of information for what one needs. This can turn out to be a very dangerous thing.

In order to see "the larger picture", one has to read the news from other sources too. I, for one, don't rely on Digg to serve the news "I need" to read. I have other source too. And (this is a bad thing from my part) I don't always share what seems interesting to me with the masses.



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